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8/26/15 – All About Bees

Did you miss Idaho Honeybee Day this last weekend? Not to worry, today on Elemental Idaho we’ll catch up and learn all about honeybees from local beekeeper and expert, Steve Sweet who’ll spill his guts about beekeeping, threats and challenges, bee behavior, and trends in honeybee populations.

8/12/15 – Ada County’s Trash Study

Last year, the Ada County Landfill accepted more than 369,000 tons of garbage, almost half of which could have been diverted elsewhere. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, I talked with Ada County Commissioner Dave Case about a recent Ada County trash study.

8/5/15 – Research at Idaho’s National Lab

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, Amy Lientz, INL’s Director of Partnerships, Engagement and Tech talked to us about the function of Idaho’s National Lab about its research initiatives, including advances in energy technology and work that made possible last month’s New Horizon spacecraft’s journey to Pluto.

7/29/15 – Summer is the time for Invasives (rebroadcast)

Summer is when we travel, hike, boat, explore. It’s also when invasive plant and animal species spread.  What can people do as they’re taking advantage of some of the great summer recreational opportunities Idaho has to offer?  Lloyd B. Knight, Administrator of the Division of Plant Industries of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Roger Batt, Statewide … Continue reading

7/22/15 – Reservoir Fill and Refill

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, we talked about the impacts of a recent decision by the Idaho Department of Water Resources they’ve said is needed to accommodate growth in our area and resulting impacts to our water resources. The decision could also adversely impact the water rights of irrigation delivery and other organizations. My guest … Continue reading

7/1515 – A New Start for CIEDRA (rebroadcast)

In January, Representative Simpson unveiled a revised version of the Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation, or CIEDRA. Last week, this bill was sent to the full House without objection from the House Natural Resources Committee. On this show, recorded earlier this year, I talked with Representative Simpson about the bill he first introduced 13 years … Continue reading

7/8/15 – The Dixie Drain Project (rebroadcast)

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, and in keeping with our recent focus on the Boise River, we’ll rebroadcast an episode from last Summer about a $12 million water treatment facility that will be built and run by the City of Boise and designed to drastically reduce phosphorus in the Boise River before it reaches the … Continue reading

7/1/15 – The Barber Pool Conservation Area (rebroadcast)

The BPCA, a more than 700 acre area just 6 miles east of downtown on the Boise River, is home to more than two hundred species of wildlife, including bald eagles and mule dear, and one of the last intact black cottonwood stands in the rapidly urbanizing Boise area. On this episode, we hear from Sharon … Continue reading

6/24/15 – An updated plan to address Boise River pollution

On this episode, we talked about the Idaho DEQ’s proposed water quality improvement plan, or TMDL, to decrease phosphorus and other pollution on the Boise River. Kati Carberry, Watershed Coordinator, IDEQ, Boise Regional Office was our guest.

6/17/15 – The Draft Boise River Enhancement Plan

The Boise River Enhancement Network (BREN) has released a draft plan that recommends cooperative ecological enhancement of the Lower Boise River. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, Derek Risso of Ecosystem Sciences, and member of the team that helped develop the plan, outlined its details and why it was developed.


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