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1/11/17 – National Cyber-Security and the environment (encore)

On Monday, Governor Otter gave his state of the state address in which he talked about the Idaho National Lab as a world leader in cyber-security, with established partnerships positioning three Idaho universities on the cutting edge of addressing global challenges in that arena. On this episode, rebroadcast from 2013, we’ll hear from Brent Stacey, … Continue reading

01/04/17 – The Swan Falls Agreement – 30 Years Later (encore)

More than three decades ago, the Swan Falls Settlement resolved an ongoing controversy over how to balance water uses for agriculture and water needs for hydropower generation in the Snake River Basin. It was central to the Snake River Basin Adjudication process, a 27-year review of more than 150,000 water rights and one of the … Continue reading

12/28/17 – Let’s talk about Snow (encore)

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, rebroadcast from last spring, we’ll talk about the science of snow and how snowmelt affects our water supply in the valley. Kerry McClay, SnowSchool Program Director with Winter Wildlands Alliance, and Marie Kellner, Water Associate with Idaho Conservation League are our guests for the program. You can hear the original program … Continue reading

12/21/16 – A Family Adventure Through America’s National Parks (encore)

This fall, the children of Maureen and Chris Welcker started a new year of school, but last year at that time, they were preparing for a different family adventure with a plan to visit as many national parks as possible. On this episode of Elemental Idaho (rebroadcast from earlier this year), we talked about their yearlong adventure to visit … Continue reading

12/14/16 – Mapping rivers and streams in the western US

On this program, US Forest Service fisheries biologist Dan Isaak will join us. He is leading a project to create an aquatic species map for rivers and streams in the western US. He says such a map could help with land management decisions and deciding where to spend limited money and resources.  

12/7/16 – The Impact of Climate Change on Tribes

Scott Hauser, director of the Upper Snake River Tribes, is leading an effort to conduct a climate change vulnerability assessment for the four tribes his organization represents, and the Upper Snake River Watershed. He’ll join us to talk about the project and what they’ve learned so far.  

11/30/16 – Biodiversity Loss and its Impacts on Medicine 

College of Idaho senior capstone students present their research findings on how plants are used for medicines in modern and ancient times, making the preservation of plant biodiversity a critical need. This presentation will compose the first portion of our program, the balance will be an encore presentation on the Wild Love Preserve, and effort … Continue reading

11/23/16 – Compost collection is coming to a curb near you!

Next summer, Curb It will launch a curbside compost collection program that will help keep compostable materials out of the landfill. The year-round program will provide residents a wheeled cart for kitchen scraps and yard waste that will be collected weekly along with their trash. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, Catherine Chertudi, Boise City’s Solid … Continue reading

11/16/16 – A Closer Look at our Local Food System

This week on Elemental Idaho, we looked at what exactly a local food system is and how are we a part of it. Providing information for the concerned and conscientious consumer, UI Area Extension Educator Ariel Agenbroad guided us through some of the more complex elements that make up a sustainable food system from farm to fork … Continue reading

11/9/16 – Implications of Malheur/Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

Last month members of a group that occupied Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for 41 days were acquitted of preventing federal employees from doing their jobs. On the day of the acquittal, law enforcement officers arrested nearly 150 protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline, leading some to draw parallels between the two occupations. Is it … Continue reading

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