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12/20/17 – Media, Politics, and Environmental Public Policy (encore)

For this episode, I spoke with John Freemuth, BSU Professor of Environmental Policy, and Seth Ashley, an Associate Professor at BSU specializing in American journalism, media ethics, culture, and sociology. We spoke about the role of the media in today’s political climate, including issues regarding media access to public agencies, dissemination of information to the public about environmental, land use … Continue reading

12/13/17 – The Case for Dark Skies (encore)

Light pollution can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. Idaho Conservation League’s Dani Mazzotta joined us to talk about some of these impacts and a collaboration under way in the Wood River Valley and Stanley Basin to establish a dark sky reserve. This is an encore presentation of elemental Idaho. You … Continue reading

12/6/17 – The Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve

The Multi-Cultural Habitat Enrichment Project is a new partnership that aims to improve habitat and enrich lives, updating the Reserve’s master plan, improving habitat, and bringing new visitors to the Hyatt HIdden Lakes Reserve. Tim Breuer of the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, and City of Boise Open Space Restoration Specialist Martha Brabec talked about … Continue reading

11/29/17 – Managing Idaho’s Wild Horses (encore)

Idaho’s public lands are home to over 775 wild horses, descendants of domestic horses that escaped or were turned out on public lands prior to the Horse and Burro Act of 1971. The BLM must study and monitor the horses to determine how many wild horses each management area can support while also providing for … Continue reading

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