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11/22/17 – Invasives in Idaho (encore)

Quagga and Zebra Mussels, foreign aquatic species, have overtaken lakes and rivers, imperiling native species and overwhelming everything from hydropower intakes, agriculture pipelines, boats and shorelines, devastating Eastern US waters. Just last year, Montana discovered mussel larvae in their lakes, and Montana’s Governor declared a natural disaster. On this episode of Elemental Idaho (first recorded in … Continue reading

11/15/17 – University of Idaho’s Experimental Forest (encore)

For over 80 years, the University of Idaho Experimental Forest has provided a working forest classroom for students. The management units, natural areas and outdoor classrooms provide the connection to field-based education, faculty and graduate research. In this episode of Elemental Idaho, we’ll hear about how the College of Natural Resources and this amenity help … Continue reading

11/8/17 – Local Food Systems (encore)

In this episode we look at what exactly a local food system is and how are we a part of it. Providing information for the concerned and conscientious consumer, UI Area Extension Educator Ariel Agenbroad guides us through some of the more complex elements that make up a sustainable food system from farm to fork and back … Continue reading

11/1/17 – The Treasure Valley Canopy Network

Some of the Treasure Valley’s most valued resources: clean water, clean air and vibrant economies are greatly influenced by our urban forest. Learn how with our guest, Lance Davisson, on this episode of Elemental Idaho.

10/25/17 – A Brief History of the Boise River

Continuing with our series on the Boise River, we spoke with John Heimer, one of the premier local experts on the River. On this episode we discussed the history of this treasured, local resource and how it wasn’t always so treasured, and how development, plant species, water use, and recreation affect the River and what … Continue reading

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