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10/18/17 – The Ecology of the Boise River Watershed (encore)

On this program, rebroadcast from 2013, I talked with ecologist Dr. Eric Yensen, an instructor of ecology, evolution, conservation biology, mammalogy, and natural history, about the interaction between species that populate the Boise River watershed area and beyond and how the ecosystem functions. Why do we care about aspens? What good is a ground squirrel? … Continue reading

10/11/17 Phosphorus Monitoring on the Boise River

For decades, the lower Boise River downstream of Lucky Peak Reservoir has been highly enriched with phosphorus, which can create a cycle of excessive plant growth, decreased oxygen for fish, and even algal blooms. Water-quality monitoring by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) shows that phosphorus concentrations in the lower Boise River are down one third … Continue reading

10/4/17 – The Dixie Drain Project (encore)

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, and in preparation for an upcoming report on water quality in the Boise River, we rebroadcast an episode from 2015 about a $12 million water treatment facility that was built and is now run by the City of Boise, designed to drastically reduce phosphorus in the Boise River before it … Continue reading

9/27/17 Projections for Treasure Valley Water Use (encore)

The population in the Treasure Valley is expected to grow in the next 50 years from more than 600,000 people today to 1.57 million, according to results of a water-demand projections analysis presented to the Idaho Water Resource Board last spring. This means the demand for water supplies may grow by 245 percent to 357 … Continue reading

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