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2/15/17 -A Groundwater-Flow Model

The U.S. Geological Survey and the Idaho Department of Water Resources have started developing a groundwater-flow model for Idaho’s Treasure Valley aquifer system. Resource managers will use the new model to simulate groundwater flow in the aquifer system underlying the Treasure Valley, an area that includes about 38 percent of Idaho’s current population. The Treasure … Continue reading

2/8/17 – The Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership (encore)

After decades of ever increasing vehicle-wildlife collisions on Warm Springs Avenue and State Highway 21, a collaborative group of organizations, agencies and individuals created an underpass to allow wildlife to travel under the road and out of the path of vehicles.  On this rebroadcast of a November, 2012, episode of Elemental Idaho, I talked with Krista Muller with … Continue reading

02/01/17 – Our Changing Climate (encore)

Temperatures on earth are increasing. Such a change has spurred debate, both politically and in the sciences, as to the causes of climate change and its impacts. It’s a complex issue. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, rebroadcast from March, we talk about the natural drivers of climate change, and how our climate has changed over … Continue reading

1/18/17 – UI Dean Parrella’s plans for College of Ag and Life Sciences

In Governor Otter’s State of the State address last week, he highlighted proposals to fund University of Idaho facilities dedicated to agriculture research. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, we’ll hear from dean Michael Parrella about those plans and others to increase enrollment, renovate agriculture experiment stations and expand the college’s research capacity.

1/25/17 – University of Idaho’s Experimental Forest

For over 80 years, the University of Idaho Experimental Forest has provided a working forest classroom for students. The management units, natural areas and outdoor classrooms provide the connection to field-based education, faculty and graduate research. Last week on Elemental Idaho, we talked with the UI College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean about the … Continue reading

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