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3/16/16 – The future of nuclear energy in Idaho and beyond

In advance of Boise State University’s upcoming summit on nuclear energy, March 22nd, Acting Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy with the US Department of energy, John Kotek, joined us to talk about the summit, about nuclear energy in Idaho and the role nuclear will play in the future.

3/9/16 – Our Changing Climate

Temperatures on earth are increasing. Such a change has spurred debate, both politically and in the sciences, as to the causes of climate change and its impacts. It’s a complex issue. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, we will talk about the natural drivers of climate change, and how our climate has changed over geologic eras. … Continue reading

3/2/16 – Stewarding the Snake River (rebroadcast)

Idaho Power and The Freshwater Trust have collaborated to develop a multi-faceted approach to improving river and stream side habitat along the Mid-Snake. The Snake River Stewardship Program addresses elevated water temperatures and other water quality issues downstream from Hells Canyon hydroelectric projects. On this episode, rebroadcast from last fall, my guests were Ralph Myers with … Continue reading

2/24/16 – Idaho’s new director of the DEQ, John Tippets (rebroadcast)

For this episode of Elemental Idaho, rebroadcast from late last year, I recorded a conversation with new Idaho DEQ director John Tippets. Tippets, a former Agrium executive, Idaho State Senator, and six term member of the Idaho House of Representatives, was appointed to the position in July by Governor Otter. You can hear the original … Continue reading


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