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2/17/16 – Idaho’s Timber Protective Associations

The Idaho Department of Lands receives assistance from two timber protective associations in Idaho to suppress fire and protect against fire hazards on more than 6 million acres of state and private forests and rangelands. On this episode of Elemental Idaho Len Young, the Chief Fire Warden of the Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association talks about … Continue reading

2/10/16 – Turning Lemons into …. Fertilizer? (Rebroadcast)

Not long ago, an Idaho Fish and Game proposal to the legislature sparked an idea in Boisean Thomas Lansing, and Carp Solutions was born. Learn how this business got started, and the impact it’s having on Idaho’s waterways and a highly invasive fish species on this episode of Elemental Idaho. You can listen to the … Continue reading

2/3/16 – Science and the nature of risk

Dr. Greg Moller, Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology with the University of Idaho presented before a joint session of the House Resources and Conservation and Senate Resources and Environment Committees last week as they considered administrative rules concerning water quality standards tied to fish consumption rates. He and Idaho DEQ Water Quality Division Administrator Barry Burnell were … Continue reading

1/27/16 – A New Water Quality Rule Based on Fish Consumption

  In May of 2014, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality began a year-long statewide survey to estimate fish consumption rates among Idaho residents. Results would be used to tailor water quality criteria to protect human health in Idaho. Last week, the Idaho DEQ proposed a rule change to the Senate Resources and Environment Committee, updating … Continue reading


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