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10/28/15 – What we learned from the Borah Peak Earthquake 

32 years ago today, in the Lost River Range in Central Idaho, the state’s largest and most significant earthquake ever recorded could be felt in communities as far away as Canada. What did we know about the possibilities for quakes in the area in advance and what do we know now? What are some of … Continue reading

10/21/15 – Managing Idaho’s Newest Wilderness (rebroadcast)

Federal authorities have made public the final management plan for six wilderness areas and 16 wild and scenic river segments in southwestern Idaho, starting a 30-day appeals process. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, we talked with representatives of the BLM, land users and conservation groups about the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Management … Continue reading

10/14/15 – Maximizing Soil Health (rebroadcast)

Soil Health is soil managed to its maximum potential through a system of conservation practices, including no-till, cover crops, advanced nutrient and pest management, and buffers and drainage systems where appropriate. Managing for soil health is one of the easiest and most effective ways for farmers to increase crop productivity and profitability while improving the … Continue reading

10/7/15 – The History of Arrowrock

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, US Bureau of Reclamation History Kelsey Doncaster talks about the history of the 100 year-old Arrowrock Dam, which, at the time of its construction, was the tallest man made structure on the planet, and considered by many to be the 8th Wonder of the World.

9/30/15 – Response to the Clean Power Plan

On this episode, I visited with Idaho Power’s Julia Hilton and Idaho DEQ’s Carl Brown for their response to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, its projected impacts, and what’s in store for Idaho.


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