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8/12/15 – Ada County’s Trash Study

Last year, the Ada County Landfill accepted more than 369,000 tons of garbage, almost half of which could have been diverted elsewhere. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, I talked with Ada County Commissioner Dave Case about a recent Ada County trash study.

8/5/15 – Research at Idaho’s National Lab

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, Amy Lientz, INL’s Director of Partnerships, Engagement and Tech talked to us about the function of Idaho’s National Lab about its research initiatives, including advances in energy technology and work that made possible last month’s New Horizon spacecraft’s journey to Pluto.

7/29/15 – Summer is the time for Invasives (rebroadcast)

Summer is when we travel, hike, boat, explore. It’s also when invasive plant and animal species spread.  What can people do as they’re taking advantage of some of the great summer recreational opportunities Idaho has to offer?  Lloyd B. Knight, Administrator of the Division of Plant Industries of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Roger Batt, Statewide … Continue reading


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