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02/11/15 – The Idaho Roadless Commission (rebroadcast)

The 2001 Roadless Rule issued by the Clinton administration in the last days of his administration prohibits road construction on more than 58 million acres of national Forest System lands. Of all the 39 states this affects, non other in the lower 48 has more roadless space than Idaho.

In October, 2008, Idaho adopted its own roadless rule, taking advantage of a subsequent process put in place by the Bush administration, giving Governors an opportunity to establish their own management requirements for National Forest System inventoried roadless areas within their states, and establishing the Idaho Roadless Commission. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, rebroadcast from last fall, I spoke with Jim Caswell, who helped in the development of Idaho’s Roadless Rule and Robert Cope, who is a Lemhi County Commissioner and member of the Idaho Roadless Commission.

You can listen to the original broadcast here.


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