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9/17/14 – The Idaho Roadless Commission

The 2001 Roadless Rule issued by the Clinton administration in the last days of his administration prohibits road construction on more than 58 million acres of national Forest System lands. Of all the 39 states this affects, non other in the lower 48 has more roadless space than Idaho. In October, 2008, Idaho adopted its … Continue reading

9/10/14 Return of the River

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, we talk about the film Return of the River, a feature documentary that tells the story of the largest dam removal and river restoration project in history, currently unfolding on the Elwha River in Washington State. The Idaho State Section of the American Water Resources Association is sponsoring a … Continue reading

9/3/14 – New Clean Water Rule Proposed (rebroadcast)

The US EPA and Army Corps of Engineers recently jointly released a proposed rule they say is needed to clarify protection under the Clean Water Act for streams and wetlands. Industry groups say the proposed rule imposes unworkable regulations and constitutes an expansion of federal control. Heather Dean of the Environmental Protection Agency and water … Continue reading

8/27/14 – Thin the Threat

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, I was joined by guests Betty Munis of the Idaho Forest Products Commission and Andy Brunelle of the US Forest Service to talk about Thin the Threat, a program aimed at increasing public understanding of the impact of wildfire and awareness of the benefits of reducing fuel in our national … Continue reading

8/20/14 – The Dixie Drain Project

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, we’re going to be talking about a $12 million water treatment facility that will be built and run by the City of Boise and designed to drastically reduce phosphorus in the Boise River before it reaches the Snake River. What is the Dixie Drain project, why is it considered … Continue reading


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