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7/30/14 – Columbia River Treaty Review (Rebroadcast)

In the spring of 1948, flood waters from the Columbia River Basin destroyed the town of Vanport, Oregon, population 30,000, forming a catalyst for the eventual ratification of the Columbia River Treaty between the US and Canada in the 1960s. This past fall, both countries reviewed the treaty in the context of current societal values, energy needs and the changing environment. Two groups provided input to their respective federal governments for moving forward in negotiating an update. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, I talk with Kathy Eichenberger, Executive Director of the Columbia Treaty Review in British Columbia, and Professor Barbara Cousins, of the University of Idaho Water to the West Program, and member of the consortium on the US side of the Columbia River Treaty.

In the program, you’ll hear me refer to a July 28th Idaho Statesman article about the Columbia River Tribes’ perspective on the process. A link to that article is here.

You can hear a podcast of the original program here.


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