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6/25/14 – Innovation in Fire Fighting (rebroadcast)

The Paradigm Project is a plan by the Bureau of Land Management to establish fuel breaks for a nearly 300,000 acre area from the historic Bonneville Point to Glenns Ferry, and from the foothills south to the Union Pacific rail line. Within the last 53 years, more than 75% of the area has burned, resulting in native plants being replaced by invasives, which shortens the intervals between fires. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, I talk with Wildlife Biologist Mike McGee, and Lance Okeson, an Assistant Fire Management Officer with the BLM about the project and its potential to address this problem.

1970_2007 us fire map

In this episode, we refer to this US Historical Fire Map (click to enlarge).

We also refer to this video illustrating the danger such wildfires can pose.

This episode was originally broadcast in February. You can hear a recording of that episode here.


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