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5/21/14 – Keep Clear of the Sheep (rebroadcast)

Boise’s foothills are managed for multiple use, and domestic sheep have been trailed through the Boise Foothills for more than a century. In the spring, trail users are likely to encounter sheep moving through the foothills, which sometimes presents a challenge for ranchers. On this episode, rebroadcast from last spring, I talked with outdoor recreation writer Steve … Continue reading

5/14/14 – The Food Safety Modernization Act (rebroadcast)

The Food Safety Modernization Act is the most significant expansion of the FDA safety authorities since the 1939 Food and Drug Cosmetic Act. Recent, high profile outbreaks of contaminations have raised the profile of food safety in the US. While it’s true that the regulatory system was fairly outdated, industry representatives are concerned about the … Continue reading

5/7/14 – Get on that Bike

Boise Bike starts on the 10th, on this episode I spoke with Dave Fotsch, board member of the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance and director at Boise Bike Share about all things cycling.

4/30/14 – New Clean Water Rule Proposed

The US EPA and Army Corps of Engineers recently jointly released a proposed rule they say is needed to clarify protection under the Clean Water Act for streams and wetlands. Industry groups say the proposed rule imposes unworkable regulations and constitutes an expansion of federal control. Heather Dean of the Environmental Protection Agency and water … Continue reading


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