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4/23/14 – What’s Up with Arbor Day?

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, my guest co-host, Nathaniel Hoffman and I talked with Betty Munis of the Idaho Forest Products Council about Arbor Day. Every year, millions of trees are planted to renew Idaho’s forests in a holiday that coincides with Earth Day, but dates back to the 1800s.

4/16/14 – Elemental Idaho Celebrates Spring Radiothon

On today’s episode of Elemental Idaho, I chatted with Radio Boise enthusiast Bill Seargent about the relationship between community radio and a robust, local conversation about issues. It’s Radiothon 2014!

4/9/14 – Idaho’s Wild Horses (rebroadcast)

Idaho‚Äôs public lands are home to over 775 wild horses, descendants of domestic horses that escaped or were turned out on public lands prior to the Horse and Burro Act of 1971. The BLM must study and monitor the horses to determine how many wild horses each management area can support while also providing for … Continue reading

4/2/14 – The 2014 Legislative Session – an Environmental Wrap Up

Because of technical issues we experienced March 26, we were unable to bring you our planned episode featuring a conversation with the House Committee of Environment, Energy and Technology Committee Chair, Dell Raybould, and Vice Chair, George Eskridge, where they share highlights of the 2014 Legislative Session from an environmental perspective. We presented that episode on our … Continue reading


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