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2/19/14 – Idaho’s Plans for Water

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, Brian Patton of the Idaho Department of Water Resources talks about the Governor’s $15 million Water Sustainability Initiative proposal. Brian will also have an update for us on the Idaho Water Plan, which went into effect in 2013, with strategies and milestones for executing management policies and evaluating their effectiveness.

2/12/14 – Idaho’s Elk Plan (rebroadcast)

In January, the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners approved a statewide elk management plan that includes killing predators to boost elk populations. The 10-year plan also calls for monitoring elk habitat changes, and the damages caused by elk on crops and fences. On this episode, I rebroadcast a conversation I had with Idaho Fish and … Continue reading

2/5/14 – Innovation in Fire Fighting

The Paradigm Project is a plan by the Bureau of Land Management to establish fuel breaks for a nearly 300,000 acre area from the historic Bonneville Point to Glenns Ferry, and from the foothills south to the Union Pacific rail line. Within the last 53 years, more than 75% of the area has burned, resulting in native plants being … Continue reading

1/29/14 – Ecology of the Boise River Watershed (rebroadcast)

On this program, rebroadcast from November, I talked with ecologist Dr. Eric Yensen, who teaches courses in ecology, evolution, conservation biology, mammalogy, and natural history. Dr. Yensen and I discussed the interaction between species that populate the Boise River watershed area and beyond and how the ecosystem functions. Why do we care about aspens? What good … Continue reading


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