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11/25/13 Sustainable Agriculture, Idaho and Abroad (rebroadcast)

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, rebroadcast from earlier this fall, I talked with Pete Pearson from the Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture, an organization formed to promote local and sustainable food communities through research, collaboration with farmers and the expansion of local food distribution. My other guest was Ben Simko of Semilla Nueva, a Guatemala … Continue reading

11/18/13 The BLM Sage Grouse Draft Alternative

Once seen in great numbers across the West, Greater Sage-Grouse have declined in number over the past century because of the loss of sagebrush habitats essential for their survival.  The BLM, working jointly with the USFS, is preparing Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) to address the effects of implementing proposed Greater Sage-Grouse conservation measures on the lands they … Continue reading

11/11/13 The Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer

This episode of Elemental Idaho featured a conversation with Brian Patton and Mike McVay of the Idaho Department of Water Resources, James Bartolino of the US Geological Survey and Lynn Tominaga of the Idaho Groundwater Appropriators about one of the most important resources in our natural landscape, how we monitor and maintain it, and its … Continue reading

11/4/13 The Ecology of the Boise River Watershed

On this program, I talked with ecologist Dr. Eric Yensen, who teaches courses in ecology, evolution, conservation biology, mammalogy, and natural history. Dr. Yensen and I discussed the interaction between species that populate the Boise River watershed area and beyond and how the ecosystem functions. Why do we care about aspens? What good is a ground … Continue reading

10/28/13 Update on Sage Grouse (rebroadcast)

With the threat of sage grouse becoming listed under the Endangered Species Act, Governor Otter’s Sage Grouse Task Force released the State of Idaho’s Draft Alternative for Sage Grouse Habitat last summer, with a revised alternative, in September. On our program this week, rebroadcast from June, we receive an update from Dustin Miller, who heads up the Idaho … Continue reading


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