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9/2/13 – The Designation of a National Monument (rebroadcast)

President Obama could establish a national monument in the Boulder-White Clouds area with a simple signature on a proclamation under the Antiquities Act of 1906. One group urges caution, siting unintended consequences of monument status, while another wants to protect one of the most beautiful and cherished places in the state. Idaho’s congressional delegation is split. Why is the possible designation of the Boulder-White Clouds area so contentious and what would national monument status mean? On this episode of Elemental Idaho, I ask that question of John Freemuth, Boise State University political science professor and scholar on national monuments. This program was rebroadcast from earlier in the summer in preparation for next week’s episode where we look at the Boulder-White Clouds area in more detail.

You can listen to the original broadcast here.



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