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8/19/13 – The MK Nature Center (rebroadcast)

On this episode, rebroadcast from our program in May, Dave Cannamela, Superintendent of the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center, joined us to talk about Center programs for getting kids “face to fish” with nature, Richard Louve’s hypothesis about Nature Deficit Disorder, and the Center’s plans for the future.

8/12/13 – Conservation beyond Boise

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, I spoke with Zoo Boise director Steve Burns about the organization’s conservation programs that expand their focus beyond caring for the animals within zoo grounds. What are the dangers these species face in the wild, and what is the hope for their preservation? The numbers of species such as … Continue reading

8/5/13 – The designation of a national monument

President Obama could establish a national monument in the Boulder-White Clouds area with a simple signature on a proclamation under the Antiquities Act of 1906. One group urges caution, siting unintended consequences of monument status, while another wants to protect one of the most beautiful and cherished places in the state. Idaho’s congressional delegation is … Continue reading

7/29/13 – National Security and the Environment

What does the Homeland and National Security directorate have to do with protecting the environment? On this episode, we’ll talk with Brent Stacey, INL Associate Laboratory Director for National Homeland Security, about research initiatives at the Idaho National Laboratory aimed at preventing cyber attacks, securing critical infrastructure, and protecting national interests, including environmental interests.


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