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6/17/13 – Sage Grouse Update

In preparation for our upcoming Sage Grouse update, June 24, we rebroadcast this episode from last summer. With declining populations in 11 western states, the sage grouse could become protected under the Endangered Species Act unless states come up with a plan to balance land use and economic activities in the bird’s sagebrush steppe habitat. Last … Continue reading

6/10/13 – Summer is the time for Invasives (rebroadcast)

Summer is when we travel, hike, boat, explore. It’s also when invasive plant and animal species spread.  What can people do as they’re taking advantage of some of the great summer recreational opportunities Idaho has to offer?  In this rebroadcast from last year, Lloyd B. Knight, Administrator of the Division of Plant Industries of the … Continue reading

6/3/13 – Learning Outside the Classroom (rebroadcast)

In this rebroadcast from last spring, the University of Idaho – McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) Leadership Coordinator Gary Thompson talks to us about the process of fostering scientific literacy, enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue through graduate and professional education, youth science programs, seminars, conferences, and leadership development initiatives. Founded in 2001, MOSS is the only publicly … Continue reading

5/27/13 – Renegotiating the Columbia River Treaty (rebroadcast)

The Columbia River treaty created a massive system of dams for flood control and electricity for the Northwest. Critics say the pact has been environmentally destructive, while proponents tout it as a model of international cooperation. On this episode, I rebroadcast a conversation with Jim Yost of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and John Tracy, director of … Continue reading


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