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4/22/13 – The BLM Healthy Hills Initiative

The Bureau of Land Management is engaged in a region-wide effort to maintain and restore native plant communities across public lands in the Great Basin. On this show, our guests Jessica Gardetto of the BLM Healthy Hills Initiative and Mike Pellant who coordinates the BLM Great Basin Restoration Initiative talked with us about their education … Continue reading

4/15/13 – Renegotiating the Columbia River Treaty

The Columbia River treaty created a massive system of dams for flood control and electricity for the Northwest. Critics say the pact has been environmentally destructive, while proponents tout it as a model of international cooperation. On this episode, I talked with Jim Yost of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and John Tracy, director of … Continue reading

4/8/13 – A Deer Flat National Refuge Center Plan Reboot

After a 2011 draft management plan for the Deer Flat National Refuge Center generated consternation among county officials and recreationists, the US Fish and Wildlife created a new plan, incorporating compromises they hope will effectively balance competing interests between wildlife and recreation. On this program, Canyon County Commissioner Kathy Alders and Refuge Manager Jennifer Brown-Scott … Continue reading

4/1/13 – the Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership

The Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership was formed to help strengthen collaborative forest restoration efforts across Idaho. On this episode of Elemental Idaho, we talk with John Robison, of the Idaho Conservation League and Rick Tholen of the Society of American Foresters of the partnership’s efforts to connect, inform, and support collaborative groups working to restore the resilience of … Continue reading


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