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3/25/13 The Potential for a Lands Transfer

On this episode, rebroadcast from January, I talked with House Resources and Conservation Committee Chairman Lawrence Denney about a possible public lands fight with the Federal Government over control of millions of acres of public lands, the rationale behind such a shift and possible details about how these lands might be managed. Included is an update on … Continue reading

3/18/13 – Learning Through Gardening

The Boise Urban Garden School helps children make meaningful connections between global environmental issues and real choices they make every day about the food they eat—choices that affect their health, the environment, the local economy, and both personal and social responsibility. BUGS guides students to reflect on the question, “Where does our food come from, and why does it … Continue reading

3/13/13 – A New Idaho Water Plan

The Idaho Department of Water Resources submitted it’s most recent proposed changes to the Idaho Comprehensive State Water Plan to the Idaho legislature earlier this year, and last week the plan was approved by the House Resources and Conservation Committee. The plan, which guides state policy when it comes to water, was updated for the … Continue reading

3/4/13 – The Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership (rebroadcast)

After decades of ever increasing vehicle-wildlife collisions on Warm Springs Avenue and State Highway 21, a collaborative group of organizations, agencies and individuals created an underpass to allow wildlife to travel under the road and out of the path of vehicles.  On this rebroadcast of a November, 2012, episode of Elemental Idaho, we talked with Krista Muller … Continue reading

2/25/13 – The Gateway West Transmission Project and Raptor Habitat

Officials with the BLM’s National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) are opposing an alternative route for the Gateway West transmission project through the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area in favor one some feel will adversely affect Greater sage-grouse populations in Owyhee County. In this episode conservationist and raptor expert Karen Steenhof … Continue reading


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