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12/31 – Phosphorus Pollution and the Boise River (rebroadcast)

The amount of phosphorus pollution entering the Boise River during summer months from the City of Boise’s two wastewater treatment plants will be reduced by 98 percent under two discharge permits issued this summer.  A pollution trading proposal to further reduce phosphorus discharges in the lower Boise River could serve as a model for other cities to manage sewage and reduce farming’s impact on water quality.  Our show today was a rebroadcast from June when we talked to USGS Hydrologist Alexandra Ethridge, Lance Holloway, Watershed Manager at the Idaho DEQ, and Paul Woods with the City of Boise about phosphorus analysis and monitoring, the impact of this proposal to city residents, and how the public can get involved.
For more information, visit the USGS website or the DEQ website.


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