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1/21/13 – Technology and the Environment

In this episode I talk with Jay Larsen of the Idaho Technology Council about their work in advancing Idaho technology and the impact it can have on environmental issues, public policy and an educated work force.

1/14/13 – Results of the Idaho Wildlife Summit

Much has changed in Idaho since 1938 when the citizens of Idaho approved a voters initiative that created the Fish and Game Commission and changed how wildlife policy was formed and carried out.  In August, the agency produced a summit, to collect public input on wildlife management issues.  In this episode, Idaho Fish and Game Director … Continue reading

1/7/13 – An Update on Salmon Recovery (Rebroadcast)

Can salmon protection and recovery efforts be balanced with the needs of other river users? Do efforts such as increasing flow over the spill way or barging fish help increase the numbers of salmon returning to spawn?  What are other options for protecting salmon and what is the cost vs. the benefits? In this rebroadcast … Continue reading

12/31 – Phosphorus Pollution and the Boise River (rebroadcast)

The amount of phosphorus pollution entering the Boise River during summer months from the City of Boise’s two wastewater treatment plants will be reduced by 98 percent under two discharge permits issued this summer.  A pollution trading proposal to further reduce phosphorus discharges in the lower Boise River could serve as a model for other … Continue reading


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