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9/24 – Idaho Department of Water Resources

This week, the Idaho Department of Water Resources presents to the interim Natural Resources legislative committee. IDWR provides a variety of services for the public, such as water rights research, historical record reproduction of water rights, driller’s reports, and dam safety inspections. Brian Patton, Chief of Planning Division, IDWR, will share his planned updates to the … Continue reading

9/17 – Can Conservationists and the Timber Industry Work Together?

Inspired by the an article in the Sunday’s Idaho Statesman, this is a rebroadcast of an interview from February with Johnathan Oppenheimer, Senior Conservation Associate of the Idaho Conservation League, and Bill Higgins, Resource Manager for Idaho Forest Group, LLC in Grangeville, Idaho, who talk about conservationists, loggers, and community leaders finding important areas of agreement on … Continue reading

9/10 – Protecting the Boise River

Watershed Watch is a one-day water quality monitoring educational event that aims to raise the awareness of citizens about the health of the Boise River watershed. Each year, hundreds of volunteers, including individuals, families and groups take part in the watershed-wide effort to collect water quality data along the shores of the Boise River, ponds, … Continue reading

9/3 – The Science of Biomass

In this rebroadcast from March, I talk with Dr. Erin Searcy, an engineer with the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory contributes to biomass feedstock logistics research within INL’s Bioenergy Program.  She shared with us the opportunities and challenges associated with using biomass for energy in Idaho. You can listen to the original broadcast here.

8/27 An Update: Local Foods in Local Classrooms

The Idaho Farms to School program in the Boise School District and elsewhere in Idaho was the subject of our program in March. Heidi Martin with the Idaho Department of Education and Leah Clark with the Idaho Department of Agriculture joined me again with Peggy Bodnar, Director for the Food & Nutrition Services Department for Boise … Continue reading


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