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8/20 – Recycling Programs in Boise

Catherine Chertrudi with the City of Boise talks about citywide recycling efforts, how Boise’s program got started and how far it’s come. How are Boise businesses, school districts and other organizations getting involved? We’ll also talk about how recycling efforts impact landfill capacity and explore some innovative approaches to recycling.

8/13 – An Overview of the Idaho Wildlife Summit

Much has changed in Idaho since 1938 when the citizens of Idaho approved a voters initiative that created the Fish and Game Commission and changed how wildlife policy was formed and carried out.  This summit, produced by Idaho Fish and Game and scheduled from August 24th to 26th, seeks public input on wildlife management issues.  Tony … Continue reading

8/6 The Feasibility of Solar Power

Scott Gates from Idaho Power, John Gardner with BSU’s Center for Advanced Energy Studies, and energy and environment advocate Reed Burkholder talk about the potential for solar power, the feasibility of energy policies that encourage residential installation, what has worked in other countries and what the future may hold for this resource. The book we … Continue reading


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