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7/30 An Update on Salmon Recovery

Can salmon protection and recovery efforts be balanced with the needs of other river users? Do efforts such as increasing flow over the spill way or barging fish help increase the numbers of salmon returning to spawn?  What are other options for protecting salmon and what is the cost vs. the benefits? Terry Flores of … Continue reading

7/23 – A new plan for Sage Grouse

With declining populations in 11 western states, the sage grouse could become protected under the Endangered Species Act unless states come up with a plan to balance land use and economic activities in the bird’s sagebrush steppe habitat. Earlier this summer, Governor Otter’s task force released the State of Idaho’s Draft Alternative for Sage Grouse Habitat. … Continue reading

7/16 – Tapping the Full Potential of Idaho’s Energy Resources

Dr. Bill Rogers, Director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies talks about energy security, what he says is our nation’s greatest challenge for the 21st century, and his organization’s vision for secure, sustainable energy solutions to 21st century challenges including research, economic and education initiatives.

7/9 – Energy Projects in Southeast Idaho

In 1952, the Department of Energy established a Subsurface Disposal Area in southwest Idaho for the burial of radioactive waste.  In 1980, the entire Idaho Site was put on the National Priorities List to address contamination of the Snake River Plain Aquifer from direct injection of liquid radioactive waste and migration of contaminants from known soil contamination … Continue reading

7/2 – Energy in Idaho

As a follow up to an earlier program on the 2012 Idaho Energy Plan, this program, which aired December, 2011, explores energy issues in Idaho. Jim Yost with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and John Gardener, Ph.D., P.E. of the Boise State University Center for Advanced Energy Studies talk about the work of their … Continue reading

6/25 – Water in the West

In the Intermountain West, with its largely arid climate, how we manage our water resources now has a lot to do with how available this resource will be in the future, and is perennially a topic of discussion among local policy makers.  In this episode, which was originally recorded in April, Rich Rankin from the … Continue reading


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