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6/18 – Invasive Species Update

Summer is when we travel, hike, boat, explore. It’s also when invasive plant and animal species spread.  What can people do as they’re taking advantage of some of the great summer recreational opportunities Idaho has to offer?  Lloyd B. Knight, Administrator of the Division of Plant Industries of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Roger Batt, Statewide … Continue reading

6/11 – Julia Davis Park and Boise’s Agricultural Roots

Today’s children are tomorrow’s policy and decision-makers, yet they are also less aware than ever of the basics of food production, energy generation, sustainable planning and development and the relevance of the industries to which the community owes its quality of life, health and economic security.  Members of the Second Century Coalition of Julia Davis … Continue reading

6/4 – Phosphorus Pollution and the Boise River

The amount of phosphorus pollution entering the Boise River during summer months from the City of Boise’s two wastewater treatment plants will be reduced by 98 percent under two proposed discharge permits to be issued this summer.  A pollution trading proposal to further reduce phosphorus discharges in the lower Boise River could serve as a … Continue reading


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