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3/26 – Biomass to Energy

Dr. Erin Searcy, an engineer with the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory contributes to biomass feedstock logistics research within INL’s Bioenergy Program.  She shared with us the opportunities and challenges associated to using biomass for energy in Idaho.    

3/19 – The Perplexities of PURPA

On this show we talked with retired Public Utilities Commissioner Conley Ward about the history of and issues related to the Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act, how it impacts the renewable energy market in Idaho and nationwide.

3/12 – Environmental Literacy in Idaho

Efforts are underway to develop and implement an Environmental Literacy Plan in Idaho.  What might such a plan include and why is it important that our future workforce, voters and policy makers understand the environment in which they live? Members of the Idaho Environmental Literacy Coalition join us to talk about their efforts.

3/5 – Getting Local Foods in the Lunchroom

The Idaho Farms to School program in the Boise School District and elsewhere in Idaho has the potential to improve nutrition for our students and support local farmers.  How this program has been implemented, its impact and potential with Heidi Martin with the Idaho Department of Education, Leah Clark with the Idaho Department of Agriculture, … Continue reading

2/27 – New Forest Service Planning rule to emphasize collaboration

After 30 years, the national planning rule that governs individual national forest plans is about to change.  Conservationists worry the rule weakens key protections for species. Industry representatives worry about a shift in the USFS’ mission from managing the responsible use of national forest resources to other purposes.  I talked with new USDA Forest Service Chief … Continue reading


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