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2/20 – Can Conservationists and the Timber Industry Work Together?

Inspired by the Idaho Environmental Forum session by the same name earlier this month, I interviewed Johnathan Oppenheimer, Senior Conservation Associate of the Idaho Conservation League, and Bill Higgins, Resource Manager for Idaho Forest Group, LLC in Grangeville, Idaho together to talk about conservationists, loggers, and community leaders finding important areas of agreement on how forests … Continue reading

2/13 – Boise’s today and yesterday

February 13, 2012 – Today Boise has an extensive network of trails through the Boise foothills, and a renown Greenbelt along the Boise River, but as a community, our approach to our own immediate environment wasn’t always as it is now.  Dr. Jennifer Stevens of Stevens Historical Research, Anne Hausrath and Judy Ouderkirk of the community effort … Continue reading

2/6 – Quagga and Zebra Mussels in Idaho

Zebra and quagga mussels have infested North America’s Great Lakes as of about 30 years ago, disrupting the natural food chain and crowding out native species.  In recent years they’ve been found in Lake Mead and have spread to several other western states. On this show, we were joined by Representative Eric Anderson of the … Continue reading

1/30 – Managing Invasive Plant Species

Every year in Idaho, noxious weeds cause agricultural losses, diminish critical habitat, increase wildfire events, reduce water and air quality, threaten public health due to pest control issues, and limit recreational opportunities. There are roughly about 300 undesirable plants in all states, with about 64 of those in Idaho, and they posses an alarming ability to … Continue reading


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