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12/26 What the Frack (re-airing)

A surge in domestic natural gas exploration projects, including one in New Plymouth, has legislators examining rules regarding hydraulic fracturing. What are the real risks? Our speakers John Peiserich, Perkins & Trotter, PLLC, and Justin Hayes, Idaho Conservation League discuss the risks to water quality and implications of proposed new rules governing well treatment and … Continue reading

12/19 – What are TMDLs and why should we care?

What is happening to restore and maintain chemical, physical, and biological integrity of Idaho water bodies that have been listed as impaired by pollutants?  Speakers: Henry Hamanishi and Dan Steenson of the Lower Boise Watershed Council.

12/12 Biomass as an energy source

Dr. Jay O’Laughlin of the College of Natural Resources Policy Analysis Group at University of Idaho talks to us about biomass, its potential as a renewable energy resource and implications on the economy, carbon emissions and healthy forests.

12/5 Energy in Idaho

As a follow up to our recent program on the 2012 Idaho Energy Plan, this program will continue exploring energy issues in Idaho. Jim Yost with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and John Gardener, Ph.D., P.E. of the Boise State University Center for Advanced Energy Studies will talk about the work of their organizations … Continue reading


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