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11/28 Species Conservation in Idaho

Nate Fisher, Administrator of the Governor’s Office of Species Conservation joined us to talk about the process of planning, coordinating and implementing the State´s actions to preserve, protect and restore species listed as threatened and endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act.

11/21 The Owyhee Initiative, an extraordinary collaboration

What happens when a diverse group of stakeholders gathers to tackle some of the most polarizing land management issues in recent western history? In this case, real progress and understanding. Speakers: Craig Gehrke, Regional Director, The Wilderness Society and Brenda Richards, Owyhee Borderlands Trust.

11/14 Wolves Among Us

Unfortunately, technical difficulties wouldn’t allow us to conduct our scheduled interview with Jay O’Laughlin on Woody Biomass Energy: Environmental benefits and risks.  So this week we re-aired our inaugural program, “Wolves Among Us” with rancher Margaret Soulen Hinson and Fish and Game Deputy Director Jim Unsworth. We are excited about our program on biomass and will … Continue reading

11/7 What the Frack?

A surge in domestic natural gas exploration projects, including one in New Plymouth, has legislators examining rules regarding hydraulic fracturing. What are the real risks? Our speakers John Peiserich, Perkins & Trotter, PLLC, and Justin Hayes, Idaho Conservation League discuss the risks to water quality and implications of proposed new rules governing well treatment and … Continue reading

10/31 Renewing Idaho’s Energy Plan

In 2007, the Legislature drafted the Idaho Energy Plan: a comprehensive investigation of all of Idaho’s energy systems with recommendations aimed at ensuring a reliable, low-cost energy supply, protecting the environment, and promoting economic growth. The plan is set to be renewed in 2012.  What will it include?  What have we learned and how has … Continue reading


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