el.e.men’tal Idaho: Weekly interviews and news highlighting Idaho’s environmental issues.


On KRBX, Radio Boise, 89.9 or 93.5 FM
or streaming live at radioboise.org.
Wednesdays at 3 pm

Our speakers highlight environmental public policy issues, or examine scientific, economic, cultural and other data related to the way Idahoans live, work, play in and interact with their natural environment.

el.e.mICIE_logo_copyen’tal Idaho does not advocate for any particular point of view, but seeks to shed light on the various perspectives and current science related to the complex issues involved in making decisions about environmental public policy.

el.e.men’tal Idaho is a collaborative production of Radio Boise and the Idaho Council of Industry and the Environment, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization created to support factual discussion on environmental issues and to facilitate the use of science and facts in shaping public policy on them.


  • Pacific Northwest International Section (PNWIS) of the Air & Waste Management Association 2017 award for a member of the media who consistently presents accurate, balanced and in-depth information on the environment.
  • Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts 2017 Newscaster of the Year award.

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