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4/9/14 – Idaho’s Wild Horses (rebroadcast)

Idaho’s public lands are home to over 775 wild horses, descendants of domestic horses that escaped or were turned out on public lands prior to the Horse and Burro Act of 1971. The BLM must study and monitor the horses to determine how many wild horses each management area can support while also providing for … Continue reading

4/2/14 – The 2014 Legislative Session – an Environmental Wrap Up

Because of technical issues we experienced March 26, we were unable to bring you our planned episode featuring a conversation with the House Committee of Environment, Energy and Technology Committee Chair, Dell Raybould, and Vice Chair, George Eskridge, where they share highlights of the 2014 Legislative Session from an environmental perspective. We presented that episode on our … Continue reading

3/19/14 – Managing Idaho Wolves

In January, Elemental Idaho featured IDFG’s director Virgil Moore discussing the 2013 Idaho Elk Management plan and Governor Otter’s proposed Wolf Depredation Control Board. On this episode of elemental Idaho, former Valley County Commissioner Phil Davis, and current Blaine County Commissioner Larry Schoen were on hand to discuss the pros and cons of the proposal currently … Continue reading

3/12/14 – Idaho’s Land Trusts

There are more than 1,600 land trusts operating across the United States, joining forces with land owners to conserve open space for more than 50 years. They are not branches of any governmental entity, but work to protect private lands through conservation easements. Twenty land trusts and two local and state government-sponsored programs in Idaho have … Continue reading

3/5/14 – Boise’s Ridge to Rivers Trail Program

On the outskirts of Boise, more than 130 miles of interconnected roads and trails course through the foothills, linking not only neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment. On our program, Tim Breuer, former director of the program (now at the helm of the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley), … Continue reading

2/26/14 – The Columbia River Treaty Recommendations

In the spring of 1948, flood waters from the Columbia River Basin destroyed the town of Vanport, Oregon, population 30,000, forming a catalyst for the eventual ratification of the Columbia River Treaty between the US and Canada in the 1960s. This past fall, both countries reviewed the treaty in the context of current societal values, … Continue reading

2/19/14 – Idaho’s Plans for Water

On this episode of Elemental Idaho, Brian Patton of the Idaho Department of Water Resources talks about the Governor’s $15 million Water Sustainability Initiative proposal. Brian will also have an update for us on the Idaho Water Plan, which went into effect in 2013, with strategies and milestones for executing management policies and evaluating their effectiveness.

2/12/14 – Idaho’s Elk Plan (rebroadcast)

In January, the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners approved a statewide elk management plan that includes killing predators to boost elk populations. The 10-year plan also calls for monitoring elk habitat changes, and the damages caused by elk on crops and fences. On this episode, I rebroadcast a conversation I had with Idaho Fish and … Continue reading

2/5/14 – Innovation in Fire Fighting

The Paradigm Project is a plan by the Bureau of Land Management to establish fuel breaks for a nearly 300,000 acre area from the historic Bonneville Point to Glenns Ferry, and from the foothills south to the Union Pacific rail line. Within the last 53 years, more than 75% of the area has burned, resulting in native plants being … Continue reading

1/29/14 – Ecology of the Boise River Watershed (rebroadcast)

On this program, rebroadcast from November, I talked with ecologist Dr. Eric Yensen, who teaches courses in ecology, evolution, conservation biology, mammalogy, and natural history. Dr. Yensen and I discussed the interaction between species that populate the Boise River watershed area and beyond and how the ecosystem functions. Why do we care about aspens? What good … Continue reading


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